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Complete Loyalty, Rewards
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Loyalty, Rewards and Gift Card Programs

Card City provides the right tools, applications and Cloud computing software to merchants to insure that their loyalty programs and rewards programs will be successful!
These easy to use programs are processed at point of sale - using any computer! All that is needed is an Internet connection and a card reader attached to a PC, Mac or Laptop… and Card City does the rest.

Gift Card Program:

A gift card program is an economical solution that enables your customers to purchase and give gift cards. Increase your revenue from new customers who receive the cards and visit your establishment. Gift cards keep cash at your business by eliminating cash refunds for purchases.

Gift Program Screen

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Loyalty & Rewards Program:

Increase profits through improved customer retention. Loyalty and Rewards programs encourage your customers to choose your business over the competition. Enhancing your customer's buying experience with a rewards program can go a long way toward winning long-term loyalty.

Loyalty Program Screen

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